Cradle Base

CradleBase2_DSC06720 There is one Cradle Base in every Archivist. The Cradle Base is made from 18mm Baltic Birch plywood, and features side-drilled holes to accept M8 bolts which attach flange bearings that function as wheels. The Cradle Base is the resting surface and attachment point for the Cradle Angles which support the Cradle Wings. The total assembly is called the “Cradle Assembly”. The Cradle Base features handles on either side for easy removal, so that operators can easily replace a book without back injury or other difficulty.

One of the chief operator complaints about the Scribe scanner was that reaching in to place and adjust the book was too difficult and made them hunch uncomfortably. I designed the entire cradle assembly to be removable to facilitate easy book placement and setup. In the first 50 Archivists, the Cradle Base also featured a slot down the middle, which is pictured in the drawing and STL. The purpose of this slot is to allow the operator to improvise support solutions for each individual book. Professional scanner operators tend to collect a set of cylindrical objects which help them support book spines. These include foam “noodles”, pencils, pens, wooden dowels, plastic tubes, and other gadgets. The slot, which is not pictured in the photograph, allows them to easily locate these helper-bits under the center of the spine.

PDF Drawing of part:

STL File of Part:

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