Side Plate

SidePlate_DSC06731 There are two Side Plates in every Archivist scanner. The Side Plate is the main structural element of the Base. It supports the imaging module and the entire lifting mechanism. The Side Plates are constructed of 18mm Baltic Birch plywood, and feature a variety of holes and mounting features to accept the Base Bars, the Short and Long Arms, and the Lift Stop. When connected with 1/4 20 Furniture Bolts to the Imaging Module, the Side Plates form a rigid frame capable of supporting hundreds of pounds of force.

The odd cutout shape in the side plate serves two purposes. The top of it is actually a stop, designed to prevent the lifters from slamming the cradle into the glass, which could cause the glass to break. The flat, level bottom provides a surface for the lifter to rest on.

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