Handlebar_DSC06735 There is one Handle Bar in every Archivist scanner. The handlebar is not symmetrical; it has a notch on one side of the tube that mates with the socket cap of a 40mm M8 bolt embedded in the rightmost Long Arm. The purpose of the handlebar is to allow the operator to lift the book. The Archivist can be rotated 180 degrees, and a rope and treadle attached, so that the scanner can be operated by foot as well. The Handle Bar also features two thru-holes which accept 10-32UNC eye bolts. The eye bolts are attached to elastic bungee cords which assist the operator in lifting the book.

The picture on this page shows a powdercoated Handlebar, but the scanner is designed so that this part can be shiny, bare aluminum without any effect on the imaging module of the scanner. Kits shipped with unpainted Handlebars; the Handlebars do not need to be painted but occasionally may need to be cleaned.

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