Reducing File Size of PDFs

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Reducing File Size of PDFs

Post by muscleriot »

After many attempts with Acrobat Pro, Abbyfinereader, Scan Taylor I usually ended up with massive pdfs thanks to embedded images and OCR mapped to embedded character images, not being mapped to the 6 fonts which are already embedded (for free) in any pdf file. My pdf file sizes where huge - 50mb.

A few days ago I downloaded Omnipage Ultimate (on a 15 day trail).
I had a pile of books in scanned images which I just had given up with processing with Abbyfinereader and Scan Tailor because the files where 50mb+ and the results where rubbish due to bent pages while scanning and the Scan Taylor Skew is just not good enough. Acrobat Pro didnt help either. I fed these in 'raw' and was utterly amazed at Omnipage's output.

Jaw droppingly good OCR, even with curved page edges, and no messing around with Scan Tailor skew needed.

The best thing is - It uses the native fonts in all PDFs and simply maps the OCR to a fair representation of these 5 or 6 built in fonts (Times Roman, Sans serif etc..) which are always in a pdf document (rather than embedding all sorts later).

This means the output is top quality - and thanks to no need to embed fonts, the filesize of the pdfs is minimal - typically 2-5mbs - even with images.
Amazing. And less of a learning curve than Scan Tailor. It even outputs ePubs.

Just thought I would post this as I gave up on DIY book scanning due to the huge sizes of the output.
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