Best pipeline to scan business cards

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Best pipeline to scan business cards

Post by frankrt »

I was looking around for business card scanners and I found a few however they seem to be expensive (starting at $100) and you could get a multifunction printer scanner fax combo at the same price range or if we pay a little bit extra.

I would preferably want to go for a multi function device with adf that supports the business scan size and put my bunch of business cards in it and then set it to scan all the cards and later do an ocr of the cards and extract the information from them.

For the scannning I was looking at the Canon MX397 this has adf but I don't know if it supports business card scan and for the software I was thinking of CardIris 5 ... tware.aspx

But these are my thoughts I'm sure many would have tried this in the past and I would like to understand their pipelines and their opinions about how to go about doing this process.

I would have loved the portability of the business scanner's but they seem to be way too expensive for what they offer to do, I am open to any kind of suggestion even a mobile phone (android) would do , I mean if I can take a photo of the business card and the software correctly identifies and extracts the output.

Thanks in advance
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Re: Best pipeline to scan business cards

Post by qqmxdpo »

hi,i think you can scan them together all it. useing opencv+python can identifiy your cards
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