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Czur ET24 Pro first impressions

Built a scanner? Started to build a scanner? Record your progress here. Doesn't need to be a whole scanner - triggers and other parts are fine. Commercial scanners are fine too.
TS Zarathustra
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Re: Czur ET24 Pro first impressions

Post by TS Zarathustra »

It did seem to me, reading the first post, that your problem was mainly lighting and not being able to rotate the scan less than a whole degree. That is why I made that expectations comment.

Lighting is very important, specially when you have glossy paper. Proper light will do more than most other things to improve quality. Including shading in tables.

There was also mention of:
Software crashing. Mine is stable on Win 7. I don't have ET24 Pro so I cannot say how that would run.
Not autodetecting the spine. I bypass that issue by putting the book in the same location for every page. That also bypasses the rotation issue you have.

It does seem that the ET24 is not a good fit for your scanning methods and some other solution would be better.
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Re: Czur ET24 Pro first impressions

Post by aestetix »

Lighting was an issue, yes. But this scanner is advertised as having built in lighting, and optional side lights that I paid extra for. I expected it to come with suitable lighting for ordinary books make of commonly used paper and ink. I don't think that's unreasonable given its cost.

As for the software, it says it supports Win 8 so I expect it to support Win 8. Do you not encounter the same bugs? The awful UI that doesn't work like every other Windows app?

I kept the book in the same place, but the location of the page split moves as you proceed through the book. It will only remain constant if you have something like a ring bound book or small paperback where the print doesn't go too near the centre.

In the case of ring bound books I get vastly superior results using a ScanSnap document scanner and the free ScanTailor software. Incredibly, that free app can rotate in increments of less than 1 degree. Fujitsu supply a plastic wallet that lets you scan up to A3 too.

It just doesn't work the way they claim it does. What's most frustrating is that with some obvious and simple improvements it could be so much better. Why mess around with lasers and straightening the pages when they could simply use the tried and tested V shape with two cameras? It would be more compact too.

If their support wasn't completely useless it might not have been so bad, but they have deep problems on that end too. Overall it's just a very poor product, made worse by awful software that suffers from ridiculous limitations, and useless support staff.
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