Design a replacement for Ion Audio Book Saver

Built a scanner? Started to build a scanner? Record your progress here. Doesn't need to be a whole scanner - triggers and other parts are fine. Commercial scanners are fine too.

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Design a replacement for Ion Audio Book Saver

Post by Dickison »

I live in a very small place with too many books and no garage or any kind of work space. I am not a DIY person unless it's pretty simple. I would be interested in purchasing a device similar to the now defunct Ion Audio Book Saver that is small, light weight, and fast as the Book Saver seemed to indicate it could be. I have no room for any of the workshop sized projects I've seen here. Is anyone interested in putting together such a project using cell phone sized cameras mounted in a fashion similar to the book saver? If it was easy enough to build without special tools, perhaps just instructions would suffice that would include where to obtain cell phone size cameras. I don't have enough room to set something up permanently. What I currently do is use an HP 4600 scanner (just a plate of glass with scanner embedded) stored under my desk. When I want to scan, I need to move my keyboard to a stack of books to have enough room for the scanner. That's how tight my space is and why I thought the Book Saver was a great compact design. I already have OCR software, so all I need is something that can get the books into an easily OCR'd format that's easier and faster than the HP 4600 scanner.


Re: Design a replacement for Ion Audio Book Saver

Post by mattnelson »

There are portable builds that fit into briefcases. And for the most part, some of the simple scanners are simply 90 degree angles. Easy and cheap to make. I think Dan has an instructable to make one out of a cardboard box and a single camera
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Re: Design a replacement for Ion Audio Book Saver

Post by ray5809 »

I received an email from Ion. They have stopped Production of The book saver. I am not a DIY Person. I would Like to buy a complete book scanner. Thanks Ray
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