Archivar - wooden scanner based on Archivist

Built a scanner? Started to build a scanner? Record your progress here. Doesn't need to be a whole scanner - triggers and other parts are fine. Commercial scanners are fine too.

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Re: Archivar - wooden scanner based on Archivist

Post by kloosen »

camera wrote: 06 Mar 2022, 13:10
Tobias wrote: 21 Jan 2022, 14:45
I bought a prototype many years ago.

I guess the project died. Haven't had any contact since.

Here is his website:
His Instagram account:

Maybe David responds to emails. Good Luck!
I'm sending him an email, would you still have the prototype you bought? Could I meet up and reverse engineer it into actual plans? I'm building my own scanner within the next couple months, and would love to see in person the mods they did on top of the Archivist.

Sadly he hasn't replied to my email so just a heads up and a push of this topic, maybe somebody has more luck and can post more info.
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Re: Archivar - wooden scanner based on Archivist

Post by daniel_reetz »

Edit: after viewing the post it seems that all the mechanical changes are pretty well outlined in the post.
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Re: Archivar - wooden scanner based on Archivist

Post by blauer »

Hi everyone,

i wish you a happy new year! Time flies, I got all your Emails but replied only to a fraction. I became a father and studied industrial design in the meantime.

The project is still semi-alive. I have put together the production files (dxf, tell me If you need another format) for the Archivar as well as some hints on the hardware we use. It's just raw files, not a comprehensive manual but together with Daniels instructions one should be able to build this.

It includes 2 versions of the base, one to be cut from 18mm plywood, and one to be cut from 8 and 10mm plywood that's than sandwiched together. (Useful when eg. your laser cutter can't handle 18mm plywood.)
Everything is in mm/metric!

You'll find that is no longer parked but now forwards to where you'll find the files.

I hope that still someone finds this helpful in their quest of building a scanner.

David - archivar is a german diy-scanner based on archivist
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Re: Archivar - wooden scanner based on Archivist

Post by image24 »

Approximately how much would a project like this cost? Thank you for all of your hard work.
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Re: Archivar - wooden scanner based on Archivist

Post by Konos93a »

i think the biggest issue for archivist is not that u have to cut woods with a saw ,use a drill and a meter .the biggest issue is the camera. canon camera that can support chdk . u cant find even aftermarket these camera. so raspberry pi 5 with 2 camera around 200 euro for a ^ scanner .

the manual camera of raspberry u can use them on a V scanner like archivist like this ,with the manual camera (i didnt test them ) around 430 euro .

or a flat scanner with one camera or smartphone and one window with glass .

for every person who want to start scanning .firstly get familiar while u try to scan a 50 pages book with a smartphone and a glass with window and in the future make a V with cameras

so if u wanna start
check if support manual focus on your smartphone ... s&hl=en_GB
if yes use open camera ... s&hl=en_GB
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