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Post by glenleslie »


Has anyone used a ScanJig as a book scanner? The "PRO PLUS" book scanner option is the small kickout stand on the back of the unit -- see the pencil drawn picture below -- that extra piece of plastic is it!! (LOLZ. Marketing people slay me).

1. Wondering if it's stable if one is trying to scan a lot of pages
2. Would it not adjust high enough for a larger book? (like a "table book" of pictures for example?)
3. Thinking about adding a plexiglass or glass platen to flatten the book. Is the hinge on the piece of plastic on the bottom completely flat on the surface under it... or would the weight of a platen put too much pressure on the hinge on the bottom of the unit

The whole unit folds down into the storage position as shown in the 3rd photo below... mainly wondering if it's worth the USD55 to try it with a Galaxy S9+ (12MP camera)




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Re: ScanJig?

Post by aestetix »

Interesting device. I guess the quality will depend a lot on how good the software is at dealing with pages that aren't flat.

If there is nothing special about the software then it's just an overpriced stand, and you can buy a better one for about 1/4th the price.
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Re: ScanJig?

Post by cday »

An online search shows that there is no software, only a stand that can be used in alternative ways.

This is a link to the manufacturer's website and this is a link to the ScanJig Pro Plus.

While the stand does provide a fold-flat way to support a smartphone, given that the latest smartphone camera apps are reported to be quite sophisticated, there might be little to gain from using a stand, especially if it may significantly impair illumination of the page being imaged.

A PCMag review of a seemingly earlier version is attached.

ScanJig Pro - Review 2015 - PCMag
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