Minolta PS7000 Archival Scanner

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Minolta PS7000 Archival Scanner

Post by aestetix »

Spotted a Minolta Ps7000 Archival Scanner on ebay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/165454036168

It's quite old and the interface is SCSI. If it was closer I'd probably get it just to try out, but Stockport is some distance from me.

Can't find much information about it, I guess it's similar to modern optical scanners. I wonder what the optics are like, and the software.

When these were new they sold for about $15,000!
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Re: Minolta Ps7000 Archival Scanner

Post by cday »

Auction ends today 18:14 British Summer Time, so anyone interested needs to move fast! Might be as well to get the sellers contact details in case not sold today and not relisted, eBay listing webpage attached. Weight is around 64kg (140lb) so unloading after purchase might be an issue.

Scans A2 size, 600x300DPI (check), and fast, so could be ideal for scanning, among other items, large format books open wide two pages at a time.

SCSI-2 to USB adaptor probably required.

A quick Google search produced useful information, brochure and manual attached, but check against alternative versions as I can't spend more time on research.

PS7000 Brochure.pdf
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PS7000 Manual.pdf
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More details, may differ from above, so check carefully:

Minolta PS7000 Details.html.zip
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