PTP Cameras: A List

Everything camera related. Includes triggers, batteries, power supplies, flatbeds and sheet-feeding scanners, too.
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Re: PTP Cameras: A List

Postby dtic » 29 Dec 2010, 14:36

ceeann1 wrote:If you are looking for an 8 megapixel camera why not use the defacto standard A590 canon?

But the gphoto2 remote page lists a590 as verified not capable of remote capture. Also, no stores here (sweden) are selling that model any longer I'm afraid. Though I am browsing the used market for a590's and a480's (domestic used market, to keep shipping costs down). Have seen a few listed, I'm just waiting for lower prices. I'm still aiming for a full automation system and want ghoto2 for that. The CKDK alternative would need arduino to electrically trigger the cameras which I'd rather avoid getting into. With gphoto a script on the PC would be enough.

BTW nice unexpected swedish connection there! Sorry to hear you haven't picked up the language - but I have quick fix for that :P

Daniel: ah, market differentiation, makes sense. But such moves would also creates a possible niche for new manufacturer to fill by releasing some low cost point and shoot with PTP and full remote capture features. So let's keep looking.

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