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Am so glad to found this community. Lots of people motivated in preserving and sharing. The guy from the kinograph project tell me about it, the samr day that after seeing a youtube video from the Qidenus site web I got suggested another from somebody here (not a wise commercial thing for them). :)

I had some experience working in digitisation with dslr and slave flashes for museums and libraries. Mostly large format paper documents and objects but some books too. Work a lot with "pro" bookscanners too.

My next goal is to be able to assist, with the non profit organosation I made, to institutions in need to digitise big amounts of documents and books but with small budgets.

There's also something that I will like to develop and that is a plan to put in place digitisation actions in emergency situations. While most of the time the actions tend to recover physically the documents, the big amount of loss in some cases makes me strongly believe that digitisation is sometimes something that woth doing.

Please don't hesitate to contact me to know more, discuss and see togheter if there's something to do in that direction.

And if I can be of some help with something, am here to help. Placed bu now in Paris region (france).

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