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Calling from Utrecht, Netherlands

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Calling from Utrecht, Netherlands

Post by Scanty »

Hello everyone,

I got a large collection of comic books. And reading them is my hobby.
As I get older I have found it easier to read from a screen instead of handling a book or ereader.
Getting more and more problems with my hands(athritis I think).
So thats one reason to scan m.

So I discovered the existance of book scanners via internet just recently.
Now its a matter of a lot of reading first. Getting familiar with all the ins and outs on the subject.

Quality of the pictures is important. Comics arent what lots of people would think it is.
In France (and as do I) its called the ninth art. :ugeek:

But I'm not rich either. So it will be a long term project most likely.
Slowly building one myself. :idea:

But I should read first.
Making some contacts here on the forum :D
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Re: Calling from Utrecht, Netherlands

Post by duerig »

Welcome, and best of luck with your project.

Feel free to ask any questions here as you work on your scanner. Just a couple of considerations:

- Since you are scanning comic books, you may be able to simplify some things. For example, often cradles are designed to be adjustable to handle both thick and thin spines. Your cradle can be simpler and designed only to handle the thin almost non-existent spine of the comic book with no need to make it adjustable. Similarly, you don't have to worry about making your cradle go back and forth. It can be fixed in place.

- But unlike people who are scanning black printed text, you care a lot more about color fidelity and getting the pictures right. So make sure to spend money on nice lighting and get it just right. Don't get random lights from the hardware store. Instead, look into getting one or two SORAA 00919 LEDs that are designed for color balance and often used in museums and galleries.

If you want ideas for how to proceed, you could take a look at the design gallery to see all the designs that other people have already built:

Take care. And please keep us posted on your progress.

-Jonathon Duerig
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Re: Calling from Utrecht, Netherlands

Post by the.traveller »

Good evening Scanty,

I am from Rotterdam and I also (still) need to build my scanner. Since I am (again) unemployed I will have more time to dig into the matter.

What I need/want to build is the scanner from Daniel, but the most difficult part is to obtain the Gorilla Glass here in the Netherlands.

The light is another thing which is difficult to get, especially the correct color (Kelvin). I was last month at the Professional Imaging show nearby Utrecht and saw some new LED lights which can be used for lighting any material at 6500 Kelvin. So daylight color. Perfect but expensive.

The dealer for those professional photolights is: ... erlichting

And the manufacturer from the material is from:

Since it is expensive here in the Netherlands I already searched the manufacturer (above) and looked if there is a shop in Hong Kong who is selling the "Falcon Eyes Flexibel Bi-Color LED Paneel RX-18TD 45x60 cm"

Let me know what your planning is.


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