UK Royal Society rare books online

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UK Royal Society rare books online

Postby benjamin » 18 Jan 2010, 22:35

Interesting piece linked from Slashdot today on the UK Royal Society's digitization of the book giving rise to the "Newton was inspired by a falling apple" story.

The article doesn't actually provide the link to the Royal Society, which is a shame because they're running a sort of neat interface for interacting with digitized material:

It's a commercial product, looks like it's in the "if you have to ask you can't afford it" category, but fun to play with/brainstorm around. The material they've archived is also pretty cool.

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Re: UK Royal Society rare books online

Postby Misty » 19 Jan 2010, 10:19

It looks like the full 3D viewer is a Windows-only .NET application though, which is a shame. While there is an "accessible" version with plain images, I don't know how I feel about making the primary view platform-specific and tied to proprietary software.
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