SOLD: 80/20 Custom Book Scanner

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SOLD: 80/20 Custom Book Scanner

Post by John_Latta »

Over a number of years a platen-cradle book scanner was designed and modified. Using 80/20 components this scanner supports books and large format prints including newspapers.

DSC02051 - crop - small.jpg

The design focus was on quality and speed. The latest iteration uses a Lintech linear motion rail to host the platen. There are two Sony RX10 cameras with a Zeiss 24-200mm f2.8 lens on remote triggers.

IMG_2388 - small.jpg
Two monitors allow one to watch the output of the cameras. The platen is counter balanced to make for ease of movement. Multiple versions of the platen were manufactured with the latest one using glass but not currently installed. The illumination lights are color balanced.
IMG_2390 - small.jpg
A number of iterations were made to minimize the number of reflections and thus the quality of the image. Much of this was done with non-reflecting black tape.
IMG_3234 - small.jpg

The use of 80/20 components made it possible to design and implement multiple iterations of the book scanner. The last iteration with the linear motion rail was the fastest and most complete/complex of the designs. A concept was developed for auto page turning but this was not implemented due to the complexity.

The scanner can be disassembled for shipment but this is inadvisable – the scanner is just too complex for ease of reassembly. Freight shipment is also not advised – I have had too many experiences with damaged goods. Currently the scanner sits in a roll cart and this makes for ease of movement. The cart can be included in the sale. For pickup a buyer should have a truck. On the cart the scanner is 7’ X 5’ X 3’.

There are many spare parts which will support minor modifications. There are also multiple platens in both plastic and glass.

This scanner is not plug and play. That is, even in its current design it requires set up for quality and smooth operation. Once set up it works very well. The scanning process is straightforward: move the platen, turn the page, lower the platen, fire the shutter releases and repeat. The linear bearing was installed to make the movement of the platen smooth and quick.

Some of the photos show an early version which does not have the shutter triggers and Sony cameras.

[EDIT: This scanner has been sold. Daniel]
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Re: 80/20 Custom Book Scanner

Post by smartechs »

Hi, I am interested in this scanner, can you please contact me at 1-647-237-6278 or you can email me at, my name is sandeep. Thanks.
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Re: SOLD: 80/20 Custom Book Scanner

Post by daniel_reetz »

I edited the main post, this scanner has been sold.
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